Copper Pipe Installation

Are you looking for installation of copper pipes? Copper pipes have been a staple of the plumbing industry for many decades. But there are some factors to consider. One of those factors is the age of your plumbing. The solder used on older homes for copper pipes usually contained lead. This means that you should

Lighthouse Point Plumbers

Lighthouse Point Plumbers

Lighthouse Point Plumbers – If you are looking for a plumber in Lighthouse Point FL, Then you have come to the right place! I am an experienced and dedicated plumber that provides the best plumbing services possible. If you have pipes that look like the ones in the picture to the left, then you are

Cast Iron Drain Line Issues

Cast iron drain lines were very popular for many decades. If you have an older home, then you will likely know what they look like. But what is the issue with cast iron pipes? First, they corrode. Ans as they get older they tend to develop pinhole leaks. Also, most of the solder used for

Boca Raton Plumbers – Margate Plumbers

Are you looking for plumbers in Margate or Boca Raton? Then you have come to the right place! We provide some of the best plumbing services throughout Central Florida! We are licensed, insured, and experienced. We provide plumbing services in: Margate, Boca Raton, Lighthouse Point, Lauderhill, Hollywood, Hallandale Beach, Ft Lauderdale, Plantation, Pembroke Pines, Oakland Park,

10 Year Old Water Heater

Do you have a water heater that is 10 years old or more? Most gas powered water heaters only last about 10 years. After that, they are ticking time bombs. Electric water heaters tend to last a little longer, and oil fired water heaters tend to last less. Most people around Margate and Boca Raton

Main Plumbing Vent

Can you see what is wrong with this picture? This is a main plumbing vent on a new construction home. They used a 3 inch main line, so it was unable to we vent. But that is not the issue. The vent head is a floor drain cover… That’s right. The plumber here could not

Grinder Pump Repair

Do you have a grinder pump? If you do it needs to be properly maintained and repaired. A grinder pump (or a sewage ejection pump) is needed when the sewer line does not line up properly. If the pump does not function properly….then, well, sewage backs up. Making sure your grinder pump is in good

3″ or 4″ Drain Pipe?

3″ or 4″ drain pipe – which is better? That is actually a very good question. Here is the very simple answer – 4″ is usually better. But Why? A 4″ drain pipe can “wet vent”. Basically that means that the pipe is big enough that the water and air can pass through it with

What is CSST?

What is CSST? CSST stands for: Corrugated Stainless Steel Tubing. If you look at the picture to the left, you will see an example there. CSST is a great product, but there are some things to keep in mind. First, CSST is not generally rated for outdoors when it has the yellow jacket on it.

Plumbing Vents

Plumbing vents are an important part of your drain system, and you should always make sure that they are properly installed. What happens if your drain system is not properly installed or maintained? As water runs down your drains it creates suction. That suction can cause sinks, toilets, and other plumbing fixtures to bubble and

Know Your Plumbing

Do you know what a P-trap is? How about a backflow preventer? Most people don’t use those terms on a daily basis, which is why we have provided you with the plumbing glossary below. Simply add the plumbing term you want to know and see the results!