Clean Water Lines

When it comes to the drinking water in your home, having it clean and safe is very important. If you have a well, you likely have a well filter or two. You may even have filters on your water service entry if you have public water too. But what about your water lines inside your

Rookie Plumbing Mistakes

Rookie Plumbing Mistakes

When it comes to home maintenance, few other mistakes become more “interesting” than plumbing mistakes.   As professional plumbers, we have seen it all. But here are some of the most common “rookie” mistakes made by plumbers: Not knowing what type of solder to use. Many new plumbers don’t realize the difference between acid core

Hard water solutions

As we discussed last time, hard water can be an aggravation in our home and you most likely know if you have it or not. But could hard water affect our health? Well, in a way, yes. The WHO reports that there is no convincing evidence to show that hard water affects any one’s health

Hard water

Hard water can affect everything from your home appliances to even your health, and we very aware of these effects. The term “hard water” is used to refer to water that contains a high amount of minerals like calcium and magnesium. As water passes through rock and soil, these minerals are absorbed into the water.

New Bathroom Sink in Coral Springs

Do you need a new bathroom sink in Coral Springs? A new bathroom sink can make all the difference in almost any bathroom. If you have a dull, corroded, or leaky sink and faucet, it is hard – if not impossible to make them work properly and look good again. So if you bathroom is

Main Plumbing Supply Shutoff

When it comes to must-know items in your home, your main water shutoff is one of those items. Many times if we get an emergency phone call to head right over because of a clogged toilet or a burst pipe, one of the first things we say is to shut of the main water line.

Water Quality in Coral Springs FL

How is your water quality? Most people may answer “I have been drinking it for years, and I am perfectly fine”. But is your health really the unit of measure you want to use? If you wait until you have a health problem to address your water issues, then you have waited too long. Water

Rustic Bathrooms

One of the newest (and ironically oldest) bathroom trends are rustic features, like the toilet you see here. Rustic bathrooms are great. They add charm, warmth, and still keep a level of comfort in your home. You do have to be careful though – too much of a good thing can look very wrong, very