Clean Water Lines

When it comes to the drinking water in your home, having it clean and safe is very important. If you have a well, you likely have a well filter or two. You may even have filters on your water service entry if you have public water too.

But what about your water lines inside your home? Are they “clean”? We ask that because many people don’t think about their water lines inside their home/ How can they be contaminated?

There are several ways, but here are just a couple. First of all, lead. And we are not just talking about lead pipes, but more importantly the solder that hols pipes together. If you have an older home, you could have lead solder.

Then there is galvanized piping. Galvanized piping corrodes from the inside out, and allows chunks of rust to build up in your lines. If you have galvanized plumbing, contact us to replace those pipes before it is too late.

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