Rookie Plumbing Mistakes

Rookie Plumbing Mistakes

When it comes to home maintenance, few other mistakes become more “interesting” than plumbing mistakes.


As professional plumbers, we have seen it all. But here are some of the most common “rookie” mistakes made by plumbers:

  • Not knowing what type of solder to use. Many new plumbers don’t realize the difference between acid core and other types of solder. If you use the wrong solder, you could contaminate your water supply.
  • Not using the proper PVC glue. If you are gluing PVC to PVC, then that is one type of glue. If you are gluing ABS to PVC, then that is another. If you are gluing ABS to ABS, then that is yet another type. Use the wrong glue and you may have an issue on your hands.
  • Not watching your elbow pressure. Whether you are using copper, PEX, or ther types of water supply lines, if you add too many elbows and bends, you get too much elbow pressure – which is not good.

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