Hard water solutions

As we discussed last time, hard water can be an aggravation in our home and you most likely know if you have it or not.

But could hard water affect our health?

Well, in a way, yes. The WHO reports that there is no convincing evidence to show that hard water affects any one’s health adversely. In fact, the only conclusive evidence studies have found is that hard water could help the human body to fight disease. The reason for this might be the small amounts of calcium and magnesium that it provides to our dietary needs.

While hard water may reduce the life of home appliances, it may have a positive effect on our health. Still, the damage it can cause to our home may make us want to do something about it, and reduce the hard water coming into our pipes.

There are options for treating hard water. Water softeners remove the unwanted minerals in the water but may make the water undrinkable due to the high sodium content. Water conditioners may be a good option but are not proven to work in every instance. So yes, hard water may be a fact of life in certain areas, which could be an aggravation, but we can always try to remember the silver lining.

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