Anti-Scald Valves – Why So Important

After a significant amount of injuries over the years, anti-scald valves were introduced to the market. Otherwise known as mixing or tempering valves, outgoing hot water is mixed with cold water so the fixture itself cannot scald a person when touched. Before we dig a little deeper, here is some interesting information;

  • Mostly found in the kitchen and bathrooms, over 2,000 children are scalded each year in the US alone.
  • After the scalding, the pain might not be over as it can lead to heart attacks and falls; this is especially true with elderly users.
  • Of all the burns each year, around 20% are from scalds.
  • As well as causing pain, scalds often lead to hospital stays which can cost a significant amount of money. If severe, skin grafts and even plastic surgery may be required.
  • For water at 160 degrees fahrenheit, it takes just half a second to cause scalding.

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